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TL 8530 JT – Single row trailed potato harvester

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The new TL-8530-JT single row trailed potato harvester has no equal in South Africa. It was designed and developed in South Africa for South African conditions.


  • It boasts a short digging web that has a greater capacity, and is capable of handling larger volumes (up to 2 hectares per day), and due to this valuable time is saved which translates into greater profits.
  • The hydraulicly steerable wheels allow for a smaller turning circle which helps with those awkward tight turns at the end of the field.
  • The hydraulicly adjustable drawbar ensures that precise tracking between the tractor and harvester can be achieved.
  • The proven Q-drive system limits abrasion to a minimum, which contributes toward the low maintenance cost of the TL-8530-JT.

The TURNER TL-8530-JT is backed by a complete spares service.

TL 8530 JT – Technical Data

Length with drawbar7786mm
Width bunker extended4813mm
DrawbarHydraulic adjustable
Power transmissionP.T.O shaft with shear bolt
Max P.T.O speed 540rpm
Tyres14.9-28 Track and field
Crop intakePulled crop intake section
2 spring-loaded coulter discs
4 digging shares
1 diabolo roller
Soil separation
1st Main web845mm x 3970mm; 10mm rods
36, 40, 44, 50mm pitch
2nd Main web900mm x 7215mm; 10mm rods
32, 36, 40, 44mm pitch
Haulm separation
Deviner web900mm x 10586mm; 12mm rods
250mm pitch
Separation system
Hedgehog webTransverse mounted with deflector roller
890mm x 4720mm
40mm pitch
Finger webLongitudinally mounted rubber finger web
470mm x 2480mm
36mm pitch
Picking table
Picking-off web605mm x7370mm
28mm pitch
Waste web305mm x 4010mm
28mm pitch
Moving floor bunker
Max. discharge height4200mm
DriveHydraulic motor
Hydraulic systemMechanical
Power requirement68 kw / 90 hp



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