Turnerland Manufacturing Pty. (Ltd.) is situated in Hopefield on the West Coast of South Africa, a small town approximately 40km inland from the Iron Ore Port of Saldahna and about 120km North of CapeTown.

Turnerland was started in 1997 as a one man business, and has grown over the last ten years into a full scale production facility incorporating a machine shop, sheet metal component fabrication, hydraulic fitting, machine assembly and spray painting.

Turnerland also boasts its own in-house 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) department where machinery is designed and constantly improved, guided by extensive practical experience gained in potato farming and from servicing the potato industry.

Turnerland manufactures the TURNER brand of machinery and equipment for the South African and African potato industry. The TURNER brand has gained a steady following from potato farmers throughout South Africa, and even as far afield as Namibia and Angola.


TURNER equipment comprises a complete range of solutions for small, medium and large scale potato farmers.

  • The range spans from the TL-280-PH two row planter, to the flagship TL-8540-JTR single row trailed potato harvester with a four ton bunker capacity.
  • Additions and improvements to the range are always in development and there are solutions for all applications to suit the small farmer or the larger commercial operation.
  • Solutions range from planting to transportation and almost anything in-between.
Turnerland | YOUR PARTNER IN FARMING | Two row trailed planter with dual fertilizer bunkers

The TURNERLAND vision is one of creating sustainability in the African potato industry, by manufacturing a robust brand of equipment to international standards that is developed in Africa for African conditions.

Globally food prices are on the rise, impacted more and more by ever increasing fuel; steel; equipment and input costs. These constantly rising costs and the increased use of highly sophisticated electronics in imported equipment is also having an adverse effect on empowering the average Southern African potato farmer.

One of TURNERLAND's main long term goals is to constantly innovate and design, not only more cost effective machinery, but also more efficient farming methods. All equipment is designed with simplicity, durability, ease of use and affordability in mind. The thinking behind this approach is that a farmer can have the best machine on the planet, but if he/she is not using efficient farming methods that compliment what the machine was designed for, then the whole concept of efficient and cost effective farming goes out the window.

TURNERLAND would like to partner with and empower African farmers and businesses in creating a future, which not only benefits people on the African continent, but also brings Africa to the world stage as a serious contender that consistently can produce high quality potato harvests to aid in relieving the growing global food crisis.