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Turnerland was founded in 1994 with the dream and vision to help S.A. farmers achieve success. In the beginning the focus was only on potato farmers, but later onion farmers were also included. Over the past 25 years farmers have been offered the ability to mechanize their farming operations and become less dependent on human labour.

Turnerland is the only manufacturer of potato planters and harvesters in Southern Africa. Turnerland remains committed to the continued innovation and development of the potato farming industry.

Turnerland - An honour and duty to serve

Processing facilities have also developed, making scale of economics the key to financial survival in South Africa. Our Kompak® bunker packing facility is the first and only of its kind in the world. Its patent description puts it best: A sizing arrangement on top of a storage arangement and by gravity feeding and filling packing arrangement. With its optical sizers and electronic grading instruments mounted on the top it is truly a world class set of equipment. The ability to quickly and efficiently sort between multiple potato sizes is crucial in a country like South Africa
where there are no fewer than 16 grade sizes.

Turnerland’s potato planters are also very popular and are produced in a range of two-, three-, four- and six-row configurations. This wide range of planting configurations ensures that every potato farmer’s needs are met without issue. Our two-row planter has no equal and is a top seller. Turnerland is the only manufacturer in the world that offers a two-row “min till” towed planter toits customers.

Turnerland’s range of potato harvesters has a firmly anchored base given their tried and tested “scissor gradient” patent. Compared to the other conventional potato harvesters available in South Africa our machine is without equal. Our TL 170 CWM harvester is proof of this unparalleled superiority in the unforgiving conditions of South Africa. Our single-row mass tank harvesters and
double-row elevator towed models (TL 170 CEM/CES) compare favourably to imported potato harvesters in terms of technology and craftsmanship.

As far as tip trailers are concerned Turnerland leads the industry with our seven-ton capacity models. For conditions that would prove too challenging for other types we recommend our 10 ton model with air suspension.

Turnerland also produces a wide range of mass processing equipment which includes: chevron loaders, gooseneck loaders, spiral cleaners/sizers and many more. This wide range of available equipment ensures that the needs of any potato or onion farmer can be satisfied.

There have also been plenty of challenges for Turnerland over the past 25 years, but none as severe as the rising steel prices. The ever climbing costs of acquiring good quality steel have put a stranglehold on the South African equipment manufacturing industry. Turnerland’s continued survival is a testament to our ability to overcome these odds. Another challenge for us is farmers that refuse to support their local equipment manufacturers. By choosing to purchase machines produced overseas they undermine the development of the South African farming equipment industry. The stunted growth of local equipment manufacturers will be to the detriment of future generations that will face an ever more challenging economic situation in South Africa.

What does the future have in store for Turnerland? We are engaged daily in the research and development of exciting new projects. Our aim has always been and always will be to produce ever greater equipment to ensure that our trusted clients can improve their productivity and success. We do this amidst a hostile economic climate
and uncertain future. For Turnerland it is an honour and a duty to serve the farmers of the African continent to the best of our ability.

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