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Two row trailes planter with dual fertilizer bunkers

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Two row trailes planter with dual fertilizer bunkers.


  • Planting unit drive
    The TL 212 SPD planting unit is powered by a chain driven directly from the wheels. The planting speed is therefore automatically regulated by the speed of the tractor, thus preventing uneven seed spacing due to varying speeds.
  • Seed spacing
    The TL 212 SPD seed spacing is very easy to regulate by a simple change of sprockets that are supplied with the planter.
  • Seed sizes
    The TL 212 SPD can plant seed ranging from 25mm to 90mm by a change of the planter cups and/or inserts. The combination of the shaker action of the planting-cup belt and the correct size planting cup ensures that only one seed potato per cup is picked up. A 25mm sliding flow regulator allows for the handling of seed sizes ranging from “chats” up to large potatoes. The bunker allows a seed carrying capacity of 1200kg.
  • Row-widths
    The TL212SPD row widths are adjustable between 650mm and 900mm.
    A great plus point is the fact that the covering discs are situated directly behind the furrow openers, thus allowing for immediate covering over of the planted seed to help eliminate the seed rotting due to being covered over with warm earth.
  • While most planters have an average planting speed of between 2.5km/h and 5km/h, the TL 212 SPD plants at an average speed of between 8km/h and 9km/h, which translates to between 5 and 6 hectares per day.
  • The TL-212-SPD comes standard with adjustable tines to break up hard ground in front of the planter; two stainless steel fertiliser bunkers with a capacity of 400kg each and a 35L temik container. 3 adjustable ridgers to form the beds behind the planter can be ordered as optional extras. The TL212SPD can deliver up to 3000kg of fertiliser and 35kg temik per hectare.


Technical Data

Length 3056mm
Width 2152mm
Height 2007mm
Unladen 950kg
Laden 1750kg
Bunker capacity 1200kg
Fertiliser unit Optional
Fertiliser capacity 331kg
Temik unit Optional
Cup inserts
Small Optional
Medium Standard
Large Optional
Drawbar Three point hitch
Tyres 900 x 16 Ground grip tyre
Hydraulic system Mechanical controls
Power requirement 68 kw / 90 hp

Optional extras

Stainless steel fertiliser bunker Optional
Temik applicator unit Optional
Ridger / Bed former Optional

Tractor front mounted organic fertiliser unit

Three point mounting Optional
Fertiliser bunker Optional
Fertiliser applicator/measurement unit Optional



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