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Seven ton tip trailer

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Seven ton tip trailer


  • Spring loaded drawbar to help minimise road shocks.
  • Hydraulic parking jack folded back in the storage position.
  • Hydraulic parking jack.
  • The mechanically operated rear gate opens in direct proportion to the tipping action of the loadbed.
  • The rear tow hook allows for more than one trailer to be towed at a time.

TL 7 TT – Technical Data

Length with drawbar 6240mm
Length: Loadbed 4701mm
Width: Loadbed 2615mm
Width 2787mm
Height 2047mm
Unladen 2000kg
Laden 9000kg
Load capacity 7000kg
Drawbar Spring loaded
Tyres 500 x 60 x 22.5
Hydraulic system Mechanical controls
Power requirement 60 kw / 80 hp

Optional Extra

Fall breaker Optional



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