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Packing & Grading

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TURNER caters for everything you will need to clean, sort and grade potatoes from field to store. Purpose built machinery ensures gentle and effective handling of your precious crop thus saving you time and therefore money.

  1. The receiving hopper feeds the potatoes through to the first processing stage where any remaining earth and haulm is removed.
  2. After the initial cleaning stage the crop is then washed.
  3. After the washing process, the crop is dried lightly, waxed and then put into the final drying stage.
  4. After drying the potatoes are sized by belt sizers with variable screen sizes. After sizing the potatoes are fed through to the grading tables.
  5. The sizing conveyor feeds through to the individual grading and bag filling stations.
  6. The bag filling stations on the grading conveyor.
  7. The filled bags are then placed on a carousel to allow for a smooth work flow while the bags are packed onto pallets.
  8. Complete sizing, sorting and packing solution.




"Farm automation is an essential part of keeping a farm profitable these days. With the help of Turnerland I managed to increase efficiency by 38%."