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Fine seed sowing attachment

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Optional fine seed sowing attachment for potato harvesters.

  • The optional fine seed sowing attachment allows for the sowing of ground covers such as babala, oats, lupin etc. while the potatoes are being harvested, thus saving time and diesel.
  • The seed is spread onto the second web so that as the soil is sifted and returned to the ground the seed is automatically planted.
  • The metering of the seed takes place via a Van Niekerk seed applicator and the speed of the application is controlled via a mechanically adjusted variator.
  • The unit is driven via chain and sprocket from the second web.
  • The unit can be mounted on either the TL 8530 JT or the TL 8560 L potato harvesters.


  • The seed box is situated right next to the walkway for easy and convenient filling.
  • The fine seed spreader ensures that there is an even spread of seed into the sifted soil from the 2nd web.
  • The 51kg seed box capacity allows for a 50kg bag of seed to be completely emptied.
  • A hinged lid with retainer chains keeps the seed dry and clean.

Sowing attachment – Technical Data

Length 451mm
Width 920mm
Height 522mm
Height with seed spreader 1058mm
Capacity 51kg
Power transmission Chain & sprocket
Speed adjustment Variator
Seed applicator Van Niekerk



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