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Tractor-front mounted fertiliser bunker

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For the application of organic fertiliser.

The optional front mounted tractor three point hitch, ripping tine and organic fertilizer bunker with an adjustable fertilizer applicator, are designed to go hand in hand with the TL 280 PHL potato planter.


  • One tractor and operator does everything thus saving time, diesel and money. Up to seven actions can be performed in one pass.
  • The front mounted bunker can handle either organic fertiliser or granular slow release fertiliser or a mixture of the two without any problems.
  • The optional ripping tine allows for deep (400mm) ripping between the rows to loosen the soil and help prevent the fertiliser washing away from the plant roots.
  • The fertiliser bunker has a deep throat with an agitator in it to help prevent clogging and mix the fertiliser.
  • The applicator spreads the fertiliser on top of the ground in line with the tines on the potato planter behind the tractor, thus allowing the organic fertiliser to be mixed into the ground together with the chemical fertiliser as the potatoes are planted.

Tractor-front mounted fertiliser bunker – Technical Data

Length 2780mm
Width 1860mm
Height 1454mm
Capacity 1000kg
Power stransmission Chain & sprocket from wheel
Applicator Adjustable – Spiral worm



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